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      MagicRF Co., Ltd.
      MagicRF Co., Ltd. is a vendor of 900MHz (UHF) band RFID reader chip in the Mainland of China. The company owns full intellectual property rights of the products and the products are fully compatible with international and national standards and regulations. MagicRF provides low power, easy to use and high performance/price ratio RFID reader system-on-chips and reference designs, according to customer requests and demands. We are devoted to make RFID devices "easy to develop"、"easy to get" and "easy to use".

      Key Features
      ISO 18000-6C & EPC Class-1 Gerneration-2 Compatible;
      Frequency range: 840~960MHZ;
      Sensitivity:-69dBm with -10dBm Self-jammer at 1% PER;
      Power Supply:3V~3.6V single supply;
      Current consumption:less than 10uA in power down mode, 7mA in idle mode and 80mA in full power mode;
      Fully integrated RF transceiver, digital MODEM and MCU;
      Modulation, coding and data rate: 80kHz DSB-ASK for transmitter; 80kHz FMO for receiver;
      LBT and HFSS supported;
      Integrated low noise VCO and Loop Filter;
      Integrated 4dBm Single-Ended output power amplifier;
      Integrated 8bit 8051 MCU with 256 Bytes Internal RAM;
      16K Bytes Program RAM and 8K Bytes Data RAM;
      8-bits GPIO with configurable options;
      UART Serial Port up to 115200bps baud rate;
      Automatic Power control (APC) pin to control off-chip power amplifier;

      Package Information
      Reference clock:26MHz Quartz Crystal
      Package: 5mm x 5mm, 32-Lead QFN

      Handheld UHF RFID Reader
      USB dongle UHF RFID Reader
      Mobile Phone Accessories

      Gerneral Description
      MagicRF M100 reader chip is a highly integrated, low voltage, low power, small profile SOC for power, size and cost sensitive medium performance UHF RFID readers.

      The elimination of off-chip MCU and compact QFN32 5x5 package of M100 makes it suit for ultra small size applications, like smart phone accessories.

      The firmware can be customized for different applications to achieve best performance. The firmware can be downloaded from UART serial port or external EEPROM.

      The GPIO and APC can be customer defined for extended usage, e.g. off-chip power amplifier control.


      MagicRF Co., Ltd.

      Address:A-615, No.159 Chengjiang Road, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China 214434
      Shanghai Sales Agent : 021-51355218
      Mobile Phone:13564093759 Email: magicrf@yahoo.com

      Copyright © 2010~2022 , MagicRF Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

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